Wednesday, November 2, 2011

eBook trailer & giveaway! ~

One to go and we will have 400 followers! In honor of FINALLY getting to this point I will be holding a giveaway starting Sunday! Be sure to check back then. This is my first ever so am extra excited for it!

Obviously the November 1st deadline for the eBook release has come and gone. I assure you we haven't been sitting idle. This has been a project beyond what we had imagined with countless hours being put into it, especially on Christa's end. We believe by December 1st this (not so) little project should be all wrapped up!
Below is a little trailer tease so check it out!


  1. I visit you every couple of days to see what your combined creativeness has designed for us to delight in so I decided I might as well become that 400th follower. What an honor! Can't wait to get the ebook!

  2. Nice trailer! And as slways nice work!

  3. While I'm feeling the rush of being 400th, I'll ask how much the ebook is gonna be. Saving my pennies/dollars for it!


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