Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ode to Christa desk~

~ SOLD ~
When my sister told me she was in need of a nice girly desk I immediately showed her Christa's . She put in a custom order for me to find one like it and wanted Mike to pretty it up in the same finish. I was happy to oblige and find one I did! At the moment, we have furniture coming out the wazoo. It's scattered throughout my home and my garage is filled. I'm limited on space which means I'm limited with how well of pictures I can get as I was crammed to get a good angle!
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 White finish, glazed and lightly distressed. Love what Mike did to the top. Rustic meets chic.

   Unfortunately, the only before shot is the one the seller text me. If only I would've gotten some other/better before pics. Mike certainly had his work cut out for him. It was missing a chunk out of one corner, missing molding was replaced by what appeared to be gum and was covered in some type of gummy-yuck-red-spray-varnish. It. Was. Gross! Have to say he pulled it off brilliantly! Thank you Christa for the inspiration :)
-l♥ve you Pidge. enjoy your desk!

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  1. that desk is a beauty! love love those curves!

  2. You are quite the dynamic duo!

  3. Gorgeous lines and refinish on this desk!

  4. I LOVE IT!!! The pictures don't do it any justice! It's so girly and pretty! Can't wait to set it up in my office! Thanks to both!!! :)))

  5. Oh that is one lucky girl! It looks AMAZING!!!

  6. LOVE the top on this! I hope I can see it next Sunday when we come over, but I'm sure Paige is eager to get it home with her :) Great job, Mike, as always!


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