Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SUICIDE. {warning - graphic image below}

The daunting subject of 
 is being talked about in homes across the world in light of the recent passing of actor Robin Williams. People feel passionately about it in one way or another.

 What brings a person to such despair they feel there is no way out, that the only release they have from their demons is to take their own life?

I can relate to depression as I've been there myself, only on a much smaller scale than Robin Williams. I know of the darkness that can at times suffocate you and bring you into a pit so deep you wonder if you have it in you to FEEL again. 
These dark feelings HURT, physically - - - HURT,
 so I can only imagine just how far those who have taken their own lives have
 into that
 deep.  dark.  HOLE.

 I cannot fathom the PAIN and AGONY of what those people have felt to do something so horrifically drastic and unchangeable. 

My niece made this poster in her graphic design class as an assignment.

The poster made such an impact on her teacher he hung it in the hallway at her school. Her principal for reasons I'm unaware of, took it down. 

I realize it is graphic and disturbingly shocking.

I understand it can be a painful reminder to those who have lost someone they love to suicide and for that I am sorry. I have thought about whether or not to share this image but it is for that reason I do.

It is for the families and friends that are left behind I share this. It is for the woman who will lose a husband and be left to raise their children alone. It is for the friend who will be left wondering what more he could have done. It is for the teacher who beats himself up thinking he should have known the signs. It is for the daughter who will ask herself why mommy wasn't happy. 

It is for the little brother who is the one to find his big sister, the big sister he loved with all his big heart who mistakenly thought there was no way out.   

I mention this rather embarrassing but needing to be said confession regarding depression because I know I am not alone in this. There are many, MANY who have been in or are in the same boat but
 sadly, it is a
 taboo subject,
 depression and mental health disorders, suicide. 

Please KNOW this; YOU are not alone and just as there is opposition in all things,
 as there is darkness, there is also LIGHT,
 of this I am certain.
 For myself, that Light came in the form of our Savior, Jesus Christ and it is through Him that I have found a reason for being, 

I pray for anyone who has or is contemplating such an act and I pray for those who have endured the heartbreak of losing a loved one to such an act. If you think suicide is the only way out, drop to your knees and PRAY. Please know there is help and you are LOVED. As in all things, "This too shall pass". 

To those who have thoughts of suicide there are many organizations that deal with depression and/or mental health issues. PLEASE find someone and TALK. If you can't talk, text. If you can't text, email - write a letter, ANYTHING! Just find someone and confide in them be it a family member, teacher, doctor, suicide hotline counselor. ANYONE! 

Your (beautiful and valuable) life depends on it.