Sunday, March 20, 2011

Featuring Our Feature-er ~

European Paint Finishes
 is being

Christa over at:

Stories Of A House

Christa is a blogging buddy whom I've had the pleasure of getting to know. She is a real go-getter working hard for her beautiful family not only refinishing furniture but working as a part time nurse as well.

As if that isn't enough she keeps a fun-to-read blog as well which highlights not only her furniture transformations but also showcases the amazing home projects she tackles in between doing it ALL!

I've enjoyed following Christa's blog since the beginning and have seen her blossom and grow as an artist and am confident you will too.

 Check out her blog:

to see her beautiful work and transformations!

 Knowing how much work it takes to be a wife & mother, keeping a house and working... along with everything else in between, 

I am inspired.

Thank you Christa for the shout out!

Below are just a few examples of Christa's work:



  1. Each of you are extremely talented! I am amazed at the before and afters. I'm a new follower and look forward to more news!

  2. I enjoyed reading both your and Christa's posts featuring each other. All the pieces posted are beautiful and unique. Arizona would certainly get my vote as the state with the most talented furniture refinishers. :)

  3. what a compliment to you and mike. kuddos to you both for doing such great work!

  4. Love this furniture and the "artistry" that goes into it! So unique and original in every sense of the word!

  5. Truly love the work Mike does - making pieces one-of-a-kind - unique, original - altogether artistry in paint! You and Keeley are indeed a Great Duo!

  6. Sorry about that! I didn't think the first comment "took," so I redid it! Oh well. It comes from the heart!


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