Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Keeps a Thank You -

It's been quite a while that I've been able to hold onto one of Mike's creations. So when he refinished the below dresser, I was happy knowing it will actually be staying with us. For keeps.
The dresser isn't the only for keeps around here.

Welcome the newest member of European Paint Finishes, 
Born June 24th, weighing in at a whopping 4 lbs 14 oz!

Mike and I have two older children, Lily 10 and Rye, 13 who have been big helps. If it wasn't for them, some of our pieces wouldn't have made it onto the blog. Having such a big gap has had it's advantages!
Ozzy is definitely well loved and spoiled and we all feel so very blessed that he is all ours


(The dresser is in Ozzy's nursery which I'll share on a later date.)

A huge THANK YOU to ALL the comments we have received from so many of you. I am backed up on emails since adjusting to life with a newborn and am trying to answer as many as possible when I can. Because of the amount of emails and estimates, it is possible that I may not be able to reply to everyone. If you haven't received a response as of late, you now know why :)

Thank you to
for picking us as one of her featured favorites this week.
Check out her blog to see what piece of ours was a favorite.


  1. he is beautiful!!!! and so is the dresser, of course!

  2. Congratulations! Your creativity could not be more cherished, I'm sure.

  3. How darling. Thank you for sharing with your Blog followers. Enjoy your beautiful little creation. Definately one of your best!

  4. Ozzy is beautiful. What a blessing! You have a great family. And, I absolutely love everything about that dresser. One of my favorites!

  5. Ozzie is as wonderful as all the rest of your creations! Congratulations!

  6. Two tiny feet
    That wave in the air
    Two tiny hands
    That tug at your hair
    Cute bottom for patting
    Adorable face
    A bundle of joy
    To love and embrace


  7. Congratulations!! What a sweet little bundle! He came pretty early, huh? I'm recovering this week after giving birth to our son last Thursday evening. He was 8 lbs 3 oz, so they probably weight about the same right now? :)

  8. He is the most adorable little baby boy and he is so tiny!! Was he early? You have really been gifted with a wonder!! Congratulations to you both.

    Just wanted you to know I read all your posts ( I get them via email) and enjoy them all....so much originality, talent and skill......making the world more beautiful one piece of furniture at a time. Thank you for sharing your creativity!
    Take care, VBg

  9. I missed this! How Cuuuuute is he? Congratulations!

  10. hi Keeley and Mike - congratulations! he's just gorgeous. you are both amazing! and still painting all this beautiful furniture also!
    hope you're getting enough sleep
    cheers Fiona


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