Thursday, September 22, 2011


We had company over today...

 Christa logged and recorded more techniques for the ebook while her and Mike worked together on a few pieces. What was especially exciting, was that she brought with her the rough draft of the book she's been working so hard on. Although to me, it looks more like a final draft it's THAT good! I was thoroughly impressed with the AMOUNT of content covered in this book. It is so well thought out and cannot wait for it's release!

The goal is November, 1 2011!!!

Christa, if you ever get tired of refinishing furniture, you'll always have writing to fall back on :) 

Mike and Christa hard at work.



Tomorrow I'll be posting a coffee table and two end tables that Mike and Christa worked together on today. They are painted in a sleek black, distressed finish.

I will also be posting a large, Horchow bombay chest that is also a secretary desk. I'm excited to share this one as it is a neat piece done in a color we haven't done on our own personal pieces before.


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  1. I am so excited to see this. Your finishes are beautiful. Can't wait!!


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