Monday, July 2, 2012

Ooh La Lovlies and a HEADS UP-

Once again we've had the pleasure of doing some refinishing work for Fiber & Fire. Like I've said before, Patricia has brought us some cool pieces for Mike to work on although I can't say the following was one he was too thrilled about, haha. Wish I had a better before close up. The old green and gold paint job was NASTY!

Have to say, Mike and Patricia make a pretty good tag team :)

{Mikes after work}


So sexy. So fun. And SOOO flirty! Love the black fringe. Job well done Fiber & Fire! Can't wait to see how the chippy teal settee turns out! 

We scored on this amazing dresser. I was excited when Mike brought her home. She is much bigger than I had thought with killer legs and great detail. The pictures posted on CL didn't do her justice. I'll be posting her (most likely) tomorrow... after Mike has had his way with her, of course :) Be sure to check back to see the transformation.



  1. what an amazing eye all parties had on those setees! They are amazing! I've been looking for a dresser like that for our master closet since we're losing so much cabinet space in our bathroom. Great find! Can't wait to see what Mike's magic wand turns it into.

  2. I love the sofa and chair!!!gorgeous!


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