Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mustard yellow and Ozzy blue.

Welp. If there is anyone who still reads this here blog, thank you :) Our lives have been consisting of... LIFE. We are in the midst of some decisions and preperations for certain things, which I WILL share on a later date. Just wanted to let ya'll know we are still alive and kicking.

I am a LOVER of yellow, my favorite, although you wouldn't know it with the lack of yellow in our pieces. I have been in search for the perfect mustard yellow and have found it, I think so anyways :) It's a Sherwinn Williams color, Brittlebrush 6684.

We had good ole' Patricia from Fiber and Fire drop off a few chairs for Mike to paint up pretty and paint up pretty he did. He refinished them in the Brittlebrush, glazed and chippied them up for a charming English cottage vibe. Showing off the beauties, please keep in mind P hasn't had her way with them, yet! I'll post more pics once she does get them all dolled up. If they suit your fancy, maybe Patricia would do a custom upholstery for ya??? hmmm :)

Ozzy Blue is our 4 pound peanut no more. This kid is a TANK and on the go-go-go. He has brought us so much JOY. JOY I tell you! :))) 

Love and blessings to ALL. xoxo.