Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mustard yellow and Ozzy blue.

Welp. If there is anyone who still reads this here blog, thank you :) Our lives have been consisting of... LIFE. We are in the midst of some decisions and preperations for certain things, which I WILL share on a later date. Just wanted to let ya'll know we are still alive and kicking.

I am a LOVER of yellow, my favorite, although you wouldn't know it with the lack of yellow in our pieces. I have been in search for the perfect mustard yellow and have found it, I think so anyways :) It's a Sherwinn Williams color, Brittlebrush 6684.

We had good ole' Patricia from Fiber and Fire drop off a few chairs for Mike to paint up pretty and paint up pretty he did. He refinished them in the Brittlebrush, glazed and chippied them up for a charming English cottage vibe. Showing off the beauties, please keep in mind P hasn't had her way with them, yet! I'll post more pics once she does get them all dolled up. If they suit your fancy, maybe Patricia would do a custom upholstery for ya??? hmmm :)

Ozzy Blue is our 4 pound peanut no more. This kid is a TANK and on the go-go-go. He has brought us so much JOY. JOY I tell you! :))) 

Love and blessings to ALL. xoxo.


  1. Love the chairs and then cutie Ozzy!

  2. Those chairs are GREAT! It's such a perfect yellow. And that Ozzie - he's just yummy.

  3. Welp! LOL yes, you definitely have readers out here :-)I've been reading your blog and enjoying all the pictures of your beautiful furniture. Love what you do and thankful you share it with all of us. And that little man of yours is so very handsome. Carlotta from Ohio

  4. Thank you for the pics. Ozzy is surely growing up fast and cute... I know you are enjoying him. Sara

  5. such a good looking kid! lovely to hear from you.
    Fiona xx


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