Thursday, June 20, 2013

Retro Dresser

- SOLD -
Vintage, mid-century dresser by United. Solid wood, well made. Unique piece with angled sculpted legs in the style of Adrian Pearsall and stainless steel piping front side of cabinet. Retro yellow sleek lacquered sides with a rustic stain. 
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Six drawers total, 3 smaller ones are concealed behind cabinet. Remove the drawers, add cut to size piece of wood to make shelves for electronics for use as a media console.

Measures: 54" wide x 31.25" tall x 21.5" deep. Drawers behind cabinet are 17" wide.


  1. the wood tones are gorgeous. So long since you've posted! how are you guys going? hope all is well. your beautiful boy must be getting quite big now! Fiona x


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