Thursday, August 8, 2013

Finished yellow chairs, kissing cousins and camping love.

Remember these mustard yellow chairs Mike refinished for Patricia from Fiber and Fire from a few months back? Here are the after after pictures I promised you (thanks for the pics P!). I love that Patricia isn't afraid of color. Love the bright, vivid colors and double piping (is that the right terminology?:) So vibrant and so pretty! Give yourself a pat on the back, Pat. Nicely done! :)))  


We went on a last minute camping trip with some of our family this past weekend. So last minute we were setting up camp at 3 o'clock, in the morning! Exhausting but worth it. Ozzy was thrilled with the whole adventure. I was thrilled with the beautiful weather. Even more thrilled to watch my family enjoy our time together.

Gotta love kissing cousins (for now at least :). Ozzy is very lucky to have a handful of cousins around his age. Little Abi is only 3 weeks younger. Such a FUN age!
What's not to ♥?!


  1. Wow, so bold and boho! I always love what you two do to furniture. You're such an inspiration.

    1. Thank you Andrea! Patricia had the vision. Mike merely did as he was told... which he is very good at! :)))

  2. I LOVE the chairs! She did a great job choosing that fabric. And, so neat to see the kids having fun camping!

  3. thx C! she has an eye for fabric :) the kids had a great time, as did we all!!!


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