Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting juicy with it

Mike and I did a 6 day juice fast a month or so ago and felt AMAZING. Like SUPER amazing. We've juiced but had never done an actual juice CLEANSE. The first 3 days were hard. Not gonna lie. However, by day 6 it was a cakewalk and could have gone longer however we learned that breaking your fast is equally as important as the cleanse itself. That being said, we couldn't go out and eat a burger and fries, or even sushi for that matter (we did dream it though:). The cleanse is giving your body a rest and time to recover from the demands of consuming solid foods. We broke our fast on a SMALL bowl of kimchi and watermelon. Exciting I know. It actually was super YUMMY :)

Wash and prepare all your veggies/fruits. keep in a ziploc or large tupperware. This way, when you're ready to juice, it's easy breezy.

Another tip, place a grocery bag in your chute. This way, all the pulp catches in it and you simply toss it (unless you garden, makes for a great mulch) and is one less thing to rinse out.

Mike and I did the juice cleanse for health reasons, although, losing some poundage was a positive :)
We've kept at it juicing daily however am anxious to do a small 3 day cleanse. It does something great for my body and mind so why not!? 

My favorite is 3 tomatoes, 1 carrot, 1/2 yellow squash, 2 celery sticks (adds natural salt flavor), 1/2 sweet bell pepper, 2 garlic cloves, parsley and cilantro. Squeeze fresh lime juice, add couple dashes of cayenne pepper and black pepper. Tastes like a V-8 or bloody mary, minus the vodka :) 
 It's like a tasty meal for me, minus the chewing! mmm mmmm mmmmm :)))

So! My question is, do you juice?
Do you have any awesome tips or juice recipes? 
Please share! :)


  1. Keeley: I love juicing and have been doing it off and on for years. Now my 22 year old daughter is juicing. Incorporate beets - lots of health benefits there. I am not a vegan but watch what I eat very closely. Mostly a plant based diet but do love seafood and eat very little meat. Watch "Fork Over Knives" or "Food Matters" and several other similar shows on Netflix and it will get you even more motivated once you find out the real truth about all the additives and preservatives in our food.

    1. Thank you Lisa! glad to hear you're daughter is following in your footsteps, a good place to be :) Love adding beets (my favorite in salads as well). Mike and I started juicing just after I had Ozzy and was nursing, just had never done a cleanse. To this day, Ozzy LOVES juice, whether it be spinach, beet and kale or watermelon he will down as much as you'll give him, it's like candy to him. I'll be sure to watch those docs. Watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, another good motivator. thx again!!!


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